It’s my last relatively quiet week before things explode, so instead of lying around staring at the ceiling or working my way through my latest stack of books, I’ve undertaken my twice-yearly Major Cleaning – the kind where you wash the curtains and the windows and empty the cupboards and the fridge and move EVERYTHING out of the closets and from under the bed. It was fine when I started, all sunny and crisp and I could throw open the windows and hum and pretend I was in some Disney movie, then it started to rain and it hasn’t been quite as fun.
I also zested and juiced 100 lemons today – at this point I’ve made mountains of lemon curd, vats of preserved lemons, and gallons of limoncello, so I’m just freezing the zest and juice for future use. And the tree is still loaded. We’ve also got artichokes coming out our ears:
They’re so delicious and so PROLIFIC. We started out with seven plants and have given at least that many away and probably still have at least a dozen plants in the garden. Luckily they’re one of my favorite foods. These are solidly housed in one raised bed; one bed is devoted at the moment to collards and kale (I’m still eating kale EVERY day in those green drinks!); and the third is full of borage, waiting for the year’s installment of tomatoes. Borage is so pretty – the flowers are edible, and apparently planting them near tomatoes makes the tomatoes sweeter. I used the blossoms at a party this weekend for these:
Because the tequila is muddled with cucumber, the borage flowers (which taste like cucumber) are the perfect decoration. They were a huge hit – pretty AND guaranteed to make you loopy.  Speaking of huge hits of the weekend – I told you I was thinking of making homemade Twinkies for a white trash potluck? Behold:
They weren’t hard to make at all, and were surprisingly delicious, but the extra frosting did turn REALLY weird by the next morning – you can definitely not make these in advance. Luckily they were the first thing to disappear at the party – they barely had time to cool completely.