So it’s been an interesting break.  Hundreds of cakes, pies, macarons, brigaderos, fruitcakes, cookies, and jelly shots later, here we are.

Naked cakes are getting a lot of attention right now – they’re beautiful and inviting – they look more delicious than a fondant or even a frosted cake – and they’re really fun to make.

One of my favorites last year was an ombre version, with three different flavors of cake that created a graduated dark-to-light presentation.


Another was one of a trio of cakes – one was hand-painted to look like the bride’s grandmother’s china, one was rough-frosted buttercream, and one was simply fresh whipped cream and berries in split cakes.


I used olive branches and lavender from my garden to garnish it, and it was a huge hit.

I will definitely be back to tell you about the last twelve months – lots of adventures – the main one involving these two amazing critters:


and our lives have been forever changed.  TWINS.  And wedding cakes.  The challenges are tremendous and terrific.  I’m happy to introduce you to Henry and William.