For each cake, we use the very best ingredients available, and organic whenever possible. All fruit fillings are made with fresh, organic, locally grown ingredients. Green weddings are finally catching on, but for us it isn’t a trend, it’s a belief to which we’ve been committed since we opened our doors.

We only use free-range, organic eggs, organic flour, and fresh fruits, all from our own garden or local farmers. We also exclusively use chocolate from Green and Blacks™, which ensures safe and fair working conditions on its suppliers’ cacao plantations, and also states that its beans are organic. One bite of an Edith Meyer cake and you’ll see that the quality of the ingredients definitely has an impact on the final product.

We strictly limit the number of weddings we do in one day — your cake will get all of the focus and effort it deserves. No matter what the flavor or style, we guarantee that you and your guests will be delighted. We are happy to create any flavor that you like, including vegan and sugarless varieties, but if you’re having trouble deciding, here are a few of our favorites to consider.

Consultation Meeting

We can help you choose the perfect combination. Read more about scheduling a consultation with us here.

Pairing Tip

While you’re thinking about flavors, please read this article from The San Francisco Chronicle about pairing sparkling wines with wedding cakes — it includes some really great ideas and choices.


Ella Jane’s Cream Cake
Fresh Coconut
Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed
Bittersweet Chocolate Fudge
Maple Mascarpone Cheesecake
Grandmother’s Red Velvet
English Fruitcake
Carrot with Fresh Ginger
Ground Spice
Hazelnut Cream
Mocha Swirl


Strawberry Cream
White Chocolate Banana Cream
Lemon Curd
Lime Curd
Raspberry Purée
Brown Sugar Cream Cheese
Chocolate Orange
Chocalote Mint
Chocolate Raspberry


Vanilla Bean Buttercream
Meyer Lemon Buttercream
Fresh Whipped Cream
Toasted Coconut Cream
Rich Chocolate Buttercream
English Lavender Buttercream
Chocolate Ganache
Fresh Organic Cream Cheese
Maple Cream Cheese
Poured Fondant
Rolled Fondant