The  season is winding down – I can actually see an ENTIRE weekend in the not-too-far future that is MINEALLMINE. And I can’t wait. I really do love my clients, but this time of year things seem a little overwhelming and I look forward to catching my breath.
This past weekend, for example: two birthday cakes, 400 mini-cupcakes (different flavors and frostings, 300 hand-cut sugar designs), a mini cutting cake, a giant shaped pumpkin, a bust of J Edgar Hoover, a square, three-tiered chocolate-wrapped cake, a Canadian Hockey Maple Leaf, and mint-chocolate-chip ice cream cake for 120. I’m tired just WRITING it.
And even though today I actually had a little down time I wanted to go for a walk in the sunshine with a friend rather than sit here and write stuff down. I keep writing sentences and deleting them – that can’t be a good sign.
The garden is full of irises and artichokes, and we had a bumper crop of apples this year, even though we still don’t know what sort of apples they are. Good ones, that’s all. Crisp and not too sweet and not too tart and just good.
We’re gearing up for our pre-Thanksgiving dinner, and I’m on the hook for gnocchi and ice cream sandwiches. YUM. It’s a really fun menu – sort of a spin on all the old favorites.  And Storr’s Winery will be providing the pairings which is AWESOME.
And I taught a cake class last night – fondant and gumpaste, the third in the series – and the students were all really enthusiastic (and very talented). You can see some of their creations on our Facebook page.
I’ve also been packing plenty of reading into the late nights and random moments. In the last week or so I finally got dragged into the Dragon Tattoo series (thanks, Tamie!), am thoroughly enjoying Cutting For Stone (this is one I’m taking my time with), ripped through Room (disturbing and sad and a tiny bit annoying to read style-wise but definitely sticks with you), and finished two more Daniel Woodrell novels. (Some people exercise, some people eat, some people read – we all have our outlets.)
So here’s the marble bust of Hoover – I couldn’t find a single photograph where he was smiling, but he does look particularly grumpy in stone…