Happy  post-holiday-weekend Tuesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday.
Things I did over the weekend:
  • Made a pile of wedding cakes.
  • Make hundreds (and hundreds) of miniature desserts.
  • Saw a terrible movie, and then a slightly less terrible movie.
  • Rode around town on a bike.
  • Played a zillion rounds of Words With Friends.
  • Bought some books.
  • Became an aunt for the very first time ever.
  • Ate corn on the cob and toasted marshmallows.
Things I did not do over the weekend (that I actually tried to do):
  • Get the new iPhone.
  • Eat vietnamese food.
  • Buy a loaf of banana bread.
  • See an (apparently surprisingly) pretty good movie.
  • Get some solid sleep.
More on books.
I am vowing never to buy another Kindle (for iPhone) book that is GOOD. It is ridiculous that when I finish a SPECTACULARLY GREAT BOOK I can’t give it to a friend to read. So lucky for Daniel Woodrell I loved Winter’s Bone so much that I bought all the copies that Bookshop Santa Cruz had in stock so that I can loan it out to friends and family and basically people on the street who look nice because it is THAT GOOD. And sadly the only other Woodrell book that Bookshop had in stock was Tomato Red, which I can’t wait to start. And Jonathan Franzen wrote one of my favorite books of all time and this new one promises to be equally wonderful.
But back to the flawed Kindle model. I do love the iPhone app – it is dangerously easy to buy the books, and I love always having one in my pocket. Always. But there is plenty of Book CandyTM out there (Weiner, Griffin, Stephanie Meyer come to mind) – stuff you don’t even really want to admit to knowing about but is actually pretty fun to read – that seems perfect to have on the phone. Easy to put down and pick up, but not something you’re going to want to take up actual physical space on your bookshelf or loan to a friend or reference during a dinner party. So.
Speaking of dinner parties, we’re hosting another one this Saturday, with a yummy Spanish-influenced menu. I think we can squeeze a few more folks at the table if you can make it – only $45 and you can bring your own wine or beer to share (or not).
So keeping the summertime theme going a little longer, here’s a new take on the sandcastle cake – simpler than a whole shaped castle cake, but the crenellated edge gives it a nice castle-y feel. The laid-back beachy couple wanted their surfboards resting against the palm trees, with a flag bearing their initials waving above the cake.
I was really happy with it, and the bride’s aunt tracked me down on Monday morning to see about special-ordering a cake, she loved it so much!