WOW.  It has been a crazy month, starting off badly with the never-ending cold, one of our cats missing for days (but finally turning up), and a horrific tragedy for our small town, but lately improving through lots of time with family and godchildren and good friends.  Hadley turned up locked in a shed behind an unoccupied neighbor’s home – she’s safe and sound now, no worse for wear:


We got to see our godson with his team win their first little league game of the season, and both godson and goddaughter killing it at swim team practice. Then my younger brother came out with his girlfriend from North Carolina for a long weekend:scott-carrie-march-2013

The weather was beautiful, so we spent time at the beach before heading to Tahoe to snowboard:


where the snow was a little slushy but the weather was equally incredible.  We had a day at Heavenly and a day at Northstar, where I worked with my goddaughter (an excellent skier) for her first day on a snowboard.  Teaching snowboarding? To a seven year old? Who is regular while you are goofy? Challenging.  I can barely walk, two days later.  But she was a champ, and by the end of the day was actually connecting turns.  She’ll be doing jumps next season, I’m convinced.

On the cake front, dessert buffets still seem to be all the rage.  I recently did a fun display at Pie Ranch, which (of course) included little pies but also various cookies and vanilla bean panna cottas in these adorable little mason jars:


I worked with the creative team at Going Lovely, who did a gorgeous job on the whole event.

I’ll leave you with a photo I took last week – this was just sitting on a metal box on a street corner in San Anselmo.  The light was so good and it was so random I couldn’t resist:
(What does it MEAN?)