So we had another Butcher, Baker, Wedding Cake Maker dinner, and it was awesome. It was a tapas menu, and I was on the hook for empanadas (which I’ve never made before but they turned out pretty well); I also made a super-fantastic bread pudding with apples from my tree, a maple reduction, fresh caramel sauce and The Penny Ice Creamery vanilla bean ice cream. (I know we should have made the ice cream ourselves but don’t even get me STARTED on Penny Ice – I’ve been too busy camping out there to devote an entry to it. Yet.) And the owner of my all-time favorite restaurant in town showed up and was very sweet and complimentary, which made my whole month.
Here are just a few great pictures, taken by Linda Ozaki, also known as Wink Photography, also known as the Butcher’s wife.
This was the setup, with huge bouquets of teddybear sunflowers from my garden and gorgeous letterpress menu signs from Ondine and Adam at Enframing Press.
My first empanadas. The pork-belly filling was amazing, thanks to Loren.
I LOVE bread pudding in any form, and make it often. (But never, ever with raisins.) I was tempted to keep the entire pan of this for myself, but I did not. And the October dinner is Southern, so I’m pulling out all the stops for that one – collard greens, sweet potato biscuits, pecan pie..  If you haven’t joined us for a dinner yet you should consider this one.  (Although we’re about to post the pre-Thanksgiving menu which is amusing and spectacular.)
But cakes! Yes, I’m still doing plenty of cakes. This is one from a recent wedding in San Francisco, with the reception at the Flood Mansion. As I was navigating the (very) hilly streets in the mansion’s neighborhood, I turned a corner and saw the beautiful bride standing in the middle of the street at the top of a huge hill, with all of San Francisco and the bay dropping away behind her. I cannot WAIT to see those photos. (You can almost see the view behind the cake.)
The rounds were finished with buttercream, each tier piped with a different design, and a single large sugar blossom for the topper. The reception flowers were white, and with the white tables and white cake it was all breathtakingly elegant.