Hi! How’ve you been?
I know I tell you I’m busy a LOT but the last couple of weeks have taken “busy” to a whole new level. After surviving the 10-10-10 wedding crush, I taught a really great group in an introductory cake class last Monday night, and then my mom came to visit for a few days and attended the 5th annual Cruzin’ Courses with me, and then this past weekend’s weddings with cakes and mountains of pies and cannoli, and then the Treasure Island Music Festival (with Superchunk who rocked it harder than ANYONE, STILL, after 20-something years). And She & Him. And the Sea and Cake and the National and Rogue Wave and lots more great bands ALL ON THE SAME DAY.)! And then yesterday the dentist (not so fun), and the second cake class in the series – filling and frosting cakes – with not one but TWO awesome boys in the class. Phew.
So now we’re all caught up.
It was great seeing my mom – it’s been wayyyy too long. Here she is sitting (appropriately) at Mom’s Corner, which is a cool little hidden spot in my neighborhood. The hosting house is for sale right now; I hope there’s something in the terms about keeping up the Corner. We had a total girlie day on Thursday – manicures, pedicures, brunch at Aquarius and hair appointments all before meeting the group at the Museum at 4. Cruzin’ Courses was as fun as ever, with a few spots I’ve never visited before, as well as spectacular treats throughout the evening. (Penny Ice blew everyone away with their concord grape sorbet + lemon verbena granita + chantilly cream. Best course all night.)  Then mom flew home and I frantically prepped for the weekend.
I’ve been doing more and more dessert buffets, some with cakes and some without. This cake had a dark chocolate wrap and a few butterflies:
And the dessert buffet included brownies, lemon bars, vanilla/strawberry mini-cupcakes, and cheesecake pops (which aren’t pictured because it was so warm they weren’t set up until later in the evening when I was long gone).