It’s an exciting time of year – chin-deep in cake, major changes happening, fantastic trips on the horizon. It’s unfortunately difficult to sit down and write about any of it just now.
All my creativity gets sucked into work and I become quite dull everywhere else. I’ve been having a lot of fun with sugar work lately. Most recently a pair of octopi (tentacles romantically entwined on top of a tower of ocean waves), and then a variety of succulents for two different weddings. It was gratifying to have them mistaken for real versions (the succulents, not the octopi). And the dessert buffets are still piling up, french macarons and Meyer lemon bars and gingersnaps and cheesecake pops and countless types of pie.
But cakes are still predominant, and the designs have been so creative this year. This bride had a gorgeous dress bodice, layers and layers of tiny flowers:
We decided that the cake should have a similar detail – time-consuming to create all those flowers, but the end result was worth it:
The bridesmaids recognized it right away, and the bride wrote the next day to tell me how pleased she was with it too. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to hear from a bride – I know how busy she is, how much is still left to do, loose ends to tie up, goodbyes to be said. It’s really cool to have them think of their cake at all. That said, another bride recently invited me to stay as a guest, and from the show-stopping invitation to the post-reception wild rumpus, that is an entry all its own.