(While I am writing this, seemingly composed and at ease, please note that the cat just dragged in a fairly large snake which is now resting quietly in the guest bedroom under a mixing bowl. Let’s pretend that it isn’t.)

The season is fast approaching and things are shaping up nicely.  I’ve been meeting with so many lovely couples, juggling schedules and sketches and dessert ideas – you’ve seen the jelly shots before, but I just got asked to create a mojito version.  I’m thinking fresh mint from my garden and a rhum agricole blanc from Martinique?  Heaven.

I’ll be doing another stack of books shortly, with a super-cute theme, and some sports-themed cakes as well.  Never a dull moment.

We celebrated Easter with some wonderful friends we don’t see enough of – they’re building a beautiful place in the country, so everyone gathered at the construction site for delicious mimosas and brunch-y food and whiled away the afternoon on the soon-to-be front porch.

And next week I’m disappearing with my mom for a couple of days, wine tasting and spa treatments and decadent meals – probably the last time we’ll manage this for quite some time.

Here’s a pair of hearts – a simple design but unusual just the same:


Shot through with a sugar arrow. Rich cheesecake, or bittersweet chocolate with an orange zest ganache. How does one ever choose?