Despite the busy time of year, I’ve been reading quite a bit – books are a sort of sanity in the middle of my chaos. And I’ve (finally!) discovered library books on my iPhone/iPad – thank you, technology.
In the last month, in no particular order:
David Sedaris – Dress Your Family in Cordoroy and Denim. Read for my book club; I have seen him live twice and love most of his writing in the New Yorkerand previous books; this one is a little more bittersweet than the others, and I enjoyed it. B+
Grant Achatz – Life on the Line. After visiting Alinea I wanted to read more about Grant’s life; he’s not a great writer but it is an incredibly compelling, emotional story. A
Lori Lansens – The Girls. Random recommendation from a friend; I went in knowing absolutely nothing about it (and with ebooks you don’t even get the hints offered by cover art or synopses). Great read, and I’m going back to find her first book. A
Alan Heathcock – Volt: Stories. Recommended for people who like Daniel Woodrell’s writing; I found the stories to be more grim than Woodrell’s and the writing to be not as beautiful. B-
Erik Larson – In the Garden of Beasts. I am a huge Larson fan and will read everything he writes. This wasn’t my favorite book of his but certainly an interesting account of the early Hitler years, a time I knew very little about. B+
Luckily my clients love books too. This recent wedding had books as the centerpiece for every table, silver bookmarks for wedding favors, and of course, a stack of books for the wedding cake. All different flavors, and different titles:
The Kindle was edible, too.